Delicious, nutritious and produced with a strong environmental conscience

Macintyre Brook Lamb is the realisation of our family’s dream to provide consumers with a nutritious yet delicious protein that is produced with a strong environmental conscience.

Our lambs are born and raised on our beautiful property Bellhaven Brook, which is situated along the picturesque Macintyre Brook in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. 

We have been told time and time again by our customers that our lamb is the best they’ve tasted.  We can put that down to three things:

  • How we manage our land

    Our key focus on Bellhaven Brook is regeneration of the soil through regenerative agriculture principles. These principles, include limiting chemical usage to protect microbial life, growing a diverse selection of plants to encourage biodiversity, and utilising livestock in a way that mimics nature to cycle nutrients, encourage plant growth and increase organic matter. Healthier soil means healthier plants, which equates to healthier animals that produce a more nutritious product and this ultimately leads to a healthier consumer, which is you!

  • How we manage our animals

    Our lambs spend most of their days grazing alongside their mothers in a diverse mix of improved and native pastures. They are moved regularly to preserve our pastures, which ensures they always have access to the best possible food available. 

    Our sheep are always treated with respect and when we need to interact with them it is in a slow and quiet manner to minimise stress on the animal.

    Our sheep are purely grass fed and hormone and antibiotic free.

  • Our breed of sheep

    Our flock is based on the australian white breed, a docile, haired breed that is renowned for its eating quality. Australian whites are often referred to as the wagyu of lamb as the meat contains intramuscular marbling and has a low melting point which gives it flavour and a melt in your mouth experience. 

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