Meet us, the farmers

We are the McInnerney’s - Sophie, Adrian and our children, Dusty, Ned and Banjo. 

We are the farmers and the faces behind Macintyre Brook Lamb. 

Macintyre Brook Lamb is the culmination of four of our passions: our family, the land, our livestock and quality food. It’s a labour of love, although the kids might not always agree with this, especially when they are covered in dust from a long day working in the sheep yards. 

Every family member plays a role in getting the lamb from our paddock to your plate. Our kids have a deep understanding of the process, and they get a kick out of knowing the lamb they’ve helped produce makes it to the tables of those living hundreds of kilometres away. 

By purchasing our lamb, you are genuinely supporting a family owned and operated farming business who is dedicated towards the regeneration of our land, the protection of our natural environment and the production of ethical, healthy and delicious food.